Passivhaus Systems

Passivhaus Systems

WLRG Ltd can offer the latest in glazing installation products being the Passivhaus range. A modern robust, standard triple glazed glazing system that essentially offers dual material finishes including timber internally and aluminium external finishes. Or perhaps a Low maintenance UPVC finish externally with a traditional internal timber profile design.

Passivhaus Products have been introduced from Europe first developed by German and Swedish engineers in the 1990’s. A Pasivhaus is a building, for which thermal comfort can be achieved soley by post-heating or post cooling of the fresh air mass. It basically means a building that can achieve a comfortable ambient living temperature without the use of conventional heating or air conditioning assistance. A modern day breakthrough in energy performing glazing products taking over Central Europe and working its way fast into the UK market.

Passivhaus glazing products are potentially the answer to reducing your carbon stamp to the highest of your ability by using the brand new innovative Passivhaus glazing product ranges.

From casement and sash and casement window systems, to modern design lift and slide beautiful high quality Passivhaus door systems. WLRG Ltd will guide you professionally with experienced personnel, and ensure that we offer the correct Passivhaus product for your project.

For more information on our Passivhaus ranges, please contact a member of our highly qualified sales division to discuss the options available.

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Passivhaus Systems from West London Rooflight & Glazing