Plateau/Skylight Rooflights

A plateau (skylight) rooflight is essentially a rooflight window that appears to be flush and flat mounted with in the roof space, creating modern contemporary designs to maximise natural light with in a rooflight aperture.

Plateaus are ideal for flat roofing scenarios on a rear or side extension to your residential property, or in a commercial flat roof design. All installed Plateau rooflights are installed onto existing or prepared reinforced upstands, and are fitted with a minimal non visible pitch to allow surface water to flow correctly and efficiently during heavy down pours.

All of our made to measure Plateau rooflight systems can be manufactured from high quality aluminium, and are available in any chosen RAL colour. All WLRG Ltd aluminium plateau rooflight systems come as standard with a polyamide thermal break. The thermal break has been engineered to ensure that WLRG Ltd’s plateau rooflight systems, combined with our high energy performing glazing options, provide  our clients peace of mind knowing that all newly installed WLRG Ltd’s Plateau systems are as thermally efficient as possible. With our high quality Plateau rooflight designs, we can guarantee our products and services for a standard 10 guarantee, conforming to the highest “U” value requirements, and meeting the most current glazing standards with in the industry.

Different styles and design options are available upon request including, split mullion options, having two or more pieces of glazing with in a plateau fixed system is available. Ideal for keeping your new rooflight system with symmetrical lines to your new bi folding door systems to create elegant continual symmetry, and maximising the mass of natural light with in your room space.

Also Plateau fixed walkon rooflight systems are available on request with high specification triple glazed units and anti-slip/Pyro fire rated and energy performance glazing options.

Plateau openers are available on request, and can be offered as manual openers, electric opening designs and are also available in a full access 90 degree opening option. Please view our WLRG Ltd "Roof Vent" Rooflight section for more details, or feel free to ask a member of our highly qualified sales team for a free no obligation consultation to discuss a project.

Please ask a member of our highly experienced and proactive sales team here at WLRG Ltd to discuss your new Plateau rooflight system and options available.

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Plateau/Skylight Rooflights from West London Rooflight & Glazing