R9 - Timber Alternative

R9 - Timber Alternative Windows

WLRG Ltd are offering the latest in modern timber replica products In the UK Glazing market today.

The main issues over the years with UPVC and Timber alternative products, is that the attention to detail was not considered as it should have been in design stages to allow consumers to keep the periodic charm of their property from traditional timber window designs and achieving modern energy performing installations. A compromise would always have to be made? Certain features were not considered such as bay pole finishing’s, cill details and “like for like” furniture options. For many years the glazing industry has struggled to produce a product that can identically replicate a flush finished traditional timber window design, that will perform to modern day energy standards, and have the maintenance free benefits of UPVC profiles.

The R9 is the product we have all been waiting for – (Residence 9) window. It is a new innovative glazing profile that is essentially made up of 9 individual chambers with in the profile, providing one of the strongest and most durable UPVC Profiles on the market today.

The R9 was created purely to replicate 19th century Flush sash Timber window designs, and to give consumers the chance to have a very high quality Timber alternative option. The new R9 Window system is a luxury window brand and is priced higher than of UPVC products, due to the engineering involved in the manufacturing of the window combined with the costs involved to fabricate each of these beautiful unique windows correctly.

Our new R9 Product range has numerous aesthetical benefits including beautiful handforged furniture ranges, contemporary ranges, fully featured bay pole capping’s, timber drip-rail fetaures and “like for like” timber cill options.

Aesthetically these windows are identical to original timber designs, but hold the additional benefit of coming as standard with a 20 year guarantee on all profiles, with high security multi-locking mechanisms, and are virtually maintenance free. With no re-painting needed, and the highest thermal achievements possible with this new system, the R9 really is a unique timber alternative product to seriously consider for your home.

 WLRG Ltd expect to see the new R9 ranges making a huge impact with in the UK glazing industry in the near future, taking over from troublesome timber options and providing a potential alternative for heritage contracts!

 All R9 profiles are available in an extensive 42 colour option and are also available in a dual colour option upon request. 

Please contact a member of our highly qualified and experienced team here at WLRG Ltd to discuss the R9 Product range and the options available to you. Or why not make an appointment to come and see the new timber alternative R9 Window system in person, at our brand new showroom facility based in Hampton, close to the river and Hampton Court Palace!

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R9 - Timber Alternative Windows from West London Rooflight & Glazing