Timber Box Sash

Timber Box Sash Windows

WLRG Ltd offer the finest joinery Box sash window systems that can match traditional timber box sash window designs identically aesthetically, with glazing upgrade options, and RAL colour design options. Using our latest high quality 6 layer micro porous paint spray finish method for all of our beautiful timber products.

WLRG Ltd offer the finest timber manufactured glazing products available today on the market. All new box sash window systems are manufactured with fully draft proofed staff and parting beads to ensure a snug opening and closing run for the sashes, keeping unwanted rattles and drafts away for good!

All new traditional timber sash windows are manufactured with solid traditional weight opening mechanisms for easy opening and closing actions, and to provide the elegant traditional rope and pully mechanisms  timber  box sash windows have successfully provided for over 400 years.

Beautiful face mounted spacer Astragal bars are available on request with a dummy spacer bar option that allows the aesthetical appearance of individual glass units set with in each sash, ideal for Georgian and Victorian or heritage period projects.

WLRG Ltd offer matching Timber trim finishes to complement existing traditional timber architraves and window board designs you may already have with in the property or to simply create a more traditional finish.

Numerous furniture options are available on request and WLRG Ltd can also incorporate traditional features from existing failing windows to stay uniform with surrounding traditional features.

WLRG Ltd can also offer a full timber box sash refurbishment service, whereby we can simply upgrade the existing failing or damaged sashes, re weight balance new double glazed energy performing timber sashes with in your existing box liner frames, and fully refurbish them with new paint finishing, furniture, new pully wheels and ropes. We would replace all staff and parting beading with new a draft proofing service as standard and make your old failing box sash windows as good as new, performing to modern day standards, and at a fraction of the cost than of a total replacement timber option.

For more information regarding your sash window project or supply only trade requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact a highly experienced member of our WLRG Ltd team to discuss the Hardwood and softwood timber box sash window options available.

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Timber Box Sash Windows from West London Rooflight & Glazing